Transform your brand awareness and build long-term relationships through working with a premier digital marketing agency

Brand You is a leading digital marketing agency based in America. We’ve been assisting and supporting companies in their branding and marketing efforts for over fifteen years, transforming their online and offline brand awareness and brand presence by building long-term relationships with them. As a digital marketing agency, we work closely with your team to plan and execute a fully integrated brand and marketing strategy in America that is tailored to your own unique needs and requirements. Our approach is simple: give every client a meaningful experience by creating a story for their brand and make them feel like they are dealing with a real person throughout the entire interaction. If you want your branding and marketing efforts to succeed, this approach is best. We know this because we’ve worked with over 300 satisfied clients on around 10,000 projects. As we are in based in Dublin, many of our clients are American and we are well positioned to create a brand strategy for companies in America but our presence is global.


When we talk about building long-term relationships with our clients, we are talking in terms of not months but years. It is only through a lasting partnership that a company’s full branding potential can be realized. When you work with us, we look beyond the initial brand and content strategy to a complete brand management solution that will ensure your brand positioning and awareness are maintained and that your approach and efforts evolve over time to meet the challenges of fast changing technology and trends. For example, one company based in America has been with us for over fifteen years and in that time it has seen its business grow dramatically as its branding and marketing practices have flourished. Through a comprehensive and long-term brand marketing and management campaign, we have helped to transform their brand awareness and achieve positive brand equity. We took care of all their branding and marketing requirements to ensure that their brand was positioned where it needed to be and that potential buyers responded. Our assistance and support helped the company to survive the pandemic and now it is thriving again.


Want to know more about how we did it?


This article will give you an idea as to how we approached this company’s requirements and determined a long-term branding campaign for them. It will provide key insights into the science and art of branding and marketing, so that you know what to expect if you choose to work with us.


The world has changed dramatically over the last 20 years or so, as the digital revolution has taken hold, and there are no signs of things slowing down. However, amidst all the fast evolving technology and innovation, some things remain perennial. Perhaps the two most important of these things are: we are all still human and we still want and need a good story. From a digital marketing agency’s perspective, these things are vital. A meaningful narrative and a convincing way of telling it is the bedrock of all high calibre branding and marketing campaigns and strategies. Of course, the keys to all good storytelling are creativity and imagination, two qualities that are somewhat undervalued in the highly rationalised and systematised world of digital marketing today. A digital marketing agency that embraces creativity and prioritizes the human element in their approach is far more likely to outperform those that don’t. This is because people instinctively prefer and trust to a brand identity that is aligned with their own wants and needs.


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and ecommerce becomes more sophisticated, companies need to take advantage and reach out to their target audience with a view to fostering trust and building long-term relationships with their clients or customers. This process is kickstarted by conceiving and drawing up a complete brand strategy in America.


Four key objectives at the core of all good branding strategies are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand persona
  • Brand equity


Brand Awareness

This basically involves making a lot of noise and getting your name out there. It is the first step of the buyer’s journey toward becoming a loyal customer. To achieve brand awareness, you need to ready a strong and robust branding campaign. This involves giving the audience a meaningful story that goes above and beyond the product or service you are selling. Your message has to resonate at the human level if you want to reach your target audience. Focusing on a unique selling point for your brand will also grab the buyer’s attention and interest. If you want to cut through the noise, you need to make it clear what it is that makes you different and sets you apart from the competition. Raising brand awareness is the most challenging part of the marketing process but with a good digital marketing agency behind you, your business will succeed.


Brand Positioning

This is all about how you are perceived by the buyer and finding your place amidst the competition. It’s about where you stand and where you fit in. You need to cultivate a brand identity and self-image that aligns with the mindset and behaviors of the buyer persona. For example, if the buyer persona is American you need to conceive a marketing strategy that aligns with someone from America. Controlling the buyer’s perception of your brand is a vital part of any branding strategy in America and with the increasingly sophisticated technological tools available to marketers, it has become something of a fine art.


An important element of brand positioning is brand voice. You need to stand out by cultivating a voice that is unique and instantly recognizable as yours. Be consistent and thorough with your voice and approach, and you will see browsers turn into buyers and buyers into loyal customers. This is because people trust what is familiar to them. So, turning awareness into familiarity is an essential part of a digital marketing agency’s work.


The buyer’s journey involves many stages and well thought out brand positioning is one of the most important factors in encouraging and inspiring the buyer to move forward toward making the final transaction. It also influences customer loyalty. If a customer returns to your brand, not only is it because they had a good previous buying experience, it is because they trust your voice and the promises you make. Brand positioning is essentially saying, this is what we do and this is what sets us apart from the other brands. It’s about finding your place and making your stand.


Brand Persona

If you want people to engage and interact with you, and if you want them to remember you and trust you, a brand persona will make all the difference. Put very simply, people will always prefer dealing with a real person over a machine. So, a brand persona is a set of traits and characteristics that your brand voice expresses for the purpose of attracting new customers and inspiring loyalty in older ones.


Creating a brand persona and maintaining it across different channels is a major aspect of any good marketing strategy. It requires a lot of research but also imagination and personal experience. The brand persona should be treated like a real person that the buyer gets to know and also the company that created it. Working closely with a digital marketing company in America, the brand persona comes to life, but it doesn’t end there. Consistency, integrity and transparency must be maintained in order to convince the buyer and earn their long-term trust.


The brand persona is largely determined in response to the buyer persona. If the buying process is a journey, both the buyer and the seller need to get along and this will only happen through the science and art of personalizing your brand. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and technology becomes more sophisticated, the potential reach of companies is greater than ever but it is only through a meticulously planned and executed marketing campaign that businesses will cut through the noise and turn that potential into reality. Giving your brand a unique mindset and personality is a great way to attract potential buyers and guide them toward making the purchase. But it also helps to build customer trust and loyalty, by inspiring confidence. If your brand has a story, think of the brand persona as the storyteller. These two concepts are essential if you want your marketing efforts to achieve their full potential. Ignore them and you run the risk of underperforming and failure.


Brand Equity

Positive brand equity is the ultimate goal of all brand marketing and management and a good digital marketing agency will work closely and at length with your team to make it happen. It basically means the added value that your brand has in the perception of your customers. This added value allows you to raise the cost of your product or service as people will pay extra purely because of the brand name and identity. Ideally, you want the customer to form a psychological and emotional bond with the brand as this is the basis of a long-term relationship. Of course, these things take time and a lot of planning and strategizing, but the rewards to your business are manifold: not only will your product or service sell itself, you have an advocate in the buyer who will recommend your product to other like minded people. Also, your standing in your business sector will improve and your company’s team self-esteem and morale with it.


Of course, there is also negative brand equity, which basically means your brand has become associated with a negative buying experience in the mind of the customer. Negative brand equity is a digital marketing agency’s worst nightmare as it is hard to recover from it. Restoring your brand’s reputation takes a lot of work.


So, how do you achieve positive brand equity? Planning and executing a long-term branding and Marketing Strategy in America is the beginning of it. You also need to ensure that the customer is looked after throughout every stage of the buying process and beyond. If you make them feel valued, they will value your name and brand.


That is how we transformed one American company’s online and offline presence, which proved to be a major determining factor in its dramatic growth. And our partnership is ongoing as we face new challenges and tasks. As a marketing company based in America, we are proud to be an integral part of this and so many other success stories and now we are driven more than ever to find new challenges and do what we do best – deliver results.


So, now you know that we know what we are doing, why not give us a call or email us and we can discuss all your branding and marketing needs and requirements.