The Naughty Apple

The Naughty Apple branding in America aims to stand out in the market and captivate its target audience. Through creative brand strategies, including unique product offerings, engaging storytelling, and customer-centric approaches, The Naughty Apple seeks to create memorable brand experiences. By employing effective brand strategies, The Naughty Apple aims to build a loyal customer base, drive sales, and establish itself as a leading brand in the industry.

Services provided: Project-based, consulting & ongoing support.


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    The Naughty Apple

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Our Process

We laid out a plan and strategy for their brand strategy, brand alignment etc which included their existing services. We provided the client with brand strategy, mockups of brochure, guidelines, an logo and layouts from which they chose the one which fit the brand identity. From content we also provided them with guidance of image creation, selected the best images for their website, and sized them. We redesigned their website and visual identity of their brand.

What we provided
  1. Branding & Design

    • Naming
    • Visual identity logo
    • Project management
    • Brand Audit and Analysis
    • Brand Culture and Alignment
    • Brand Strategy
    • Visual identity for logo, graphics
    • Brand Guidelines Manual
    • Letterhead
    • Brochures
    • Website plan
  2. Marketing
    • Audit SEO• Audit Social media
    • 3 month plan SEO,  PPC and Social media, Audit PPC
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